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Thanks a lot for the help. And I’m not getting any baths. It doeasn’t audio like a good suggestion. Perhaps could make items even worse. Yikes! Greta

As normal the Zanfel relieved the itching quickly. The GG did so too, without having perceptible difference between the two. Immediately after an hour or so the itching had returned And that i applied the two once more, with an identical influence.

At the moment about thirteen days into this and I am able to’t say I’m “out on the woods” however, so to speak. The rash(es) remain at approximately peak And that i’m nonetheless incredibly unpleasant and disfigured facially round the nose and eyes. The only “Remedy” I’ve experimented with up to now is typical Technu.

WOW what a superb outcome – looks like scratching when the new water runs on it, after which sfterwards no itching For the remainder of the day/evening, and also a significant enhancement in how the scabs have been looking – far more normal than the elevated, scaly scabs in advance of.

The 1st week was really bad and I pity people who are far more prone than I were. I can't imaging acquiring this in excess of a couple of times in the life span, nevermind numerous periods in the year, on the other hand, if it comes up once again Down the road I might most likely do what I just did. I really need to say, the scrubs, possibly Using the Zanfel or perhaps the Tecnu Intense ended up ecstatic.

I don’t know if dermatologists have PO allergy shots. They can deal with intense cases of PO with prednisone. But Take note that prednisone might have Unintended effects. So it’s not a thing to get with no medical professional’s supervision.

reply to remark → Steve Moore May 6, 2006 at nine:56 am Very well, I’m back in CA after a 20 yr absence and now so is my poison oak. I’m fifty five and accustomed to get PO so terrible as a child I’d lay in mattress for days with my eyes completely swollen shut and my mother putting corn starch plaster on me (didn’t assistance in any way). Cortizone pictures were The one thing that served. I got it so often times I turned hypersensitive and when I acquired a sunburn or Another pores and skin irritation it might change into poison oak and spread around my overall human body. Immunoak helped me, I very first acquired it from a buddy that worked PG&E after which they started off offering it more than the counter. Quite sorry it is not available. An additional thing that helped was consuming milk from my goat that ate a relentless diet program of PO. Amongst the immunoak and goats milk I'd only get tiny patches like a normal individual, hardly noticable to me with my historical past. I had purchased the goat for my first born in 1971 and when I went to the dairy to buy the goat I saw that PO was incredibly commonplace at the location.

The Zanfel truly seemed to make my breakout worse. I'm able to ordinarily keep myself from scratching simply because I do know the moment I do…it just spreads like outrageous on me.

Now I’m intending to obtain “TechnuExtreme” given that they say it “binds” greater into the molecules with the PO/PI far better. We’ll see.

I just ponder how people with eczema/psoriasis deal with this as their pores and skin is already lacking elasticity.

As for topical creams and cures, I haven’t utilized any aside from cortisone plus some samples through the doc, none of which did A lot if everything. I think irrespective of whether or not it's tecnu or zanfel or perhaps a selfmade concoction (I such as spermicide, clearasil, Dr. Scholls combo notion but not a soul seems to have composed again with their knowledge), You must see what's going to work best.

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I initially called the nurse to determine it she would alright my using it. She had never ever heard of it and instructed that it I look at this web-site wanted to consider it to complete see on a little area initial. I acquired some that night and Once i saw it was a clean, I utilized it on The entire afflicted location. I applied it two times Monday evening and once on Tuesday early morning. The itch did not disappear entirely but I'd some relief and favored The reality that I wasn't slathered with product. Used the zanfel yet again Tues. night but this time it looked as if it would awaken a lot more rather than significantly less of the itching feeling that has a slight numbing burning sensation. This time I'd some itching sensation where by there was no evident redness. Wakened throughout the evening (about four hrs later) with extra itching, grew to become discouraged with the zanfel and went back to the prescribed product. It’s Wed. p.m. and nonetheless have some itching and many purple welts.

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